Some of us were born here, like myself.  Many have moved here, or our parents did so, to enjoy the essence of what is Colorado.  That essence is beginning to disappear.   Occasionally you will find that essence on a quiet Sunday morning but the essence is rapidly vanishing.

            For many of us, just getting to enjoy the outdoors of Colorado is becoming impossible with hours wasted spent in traffic jams.   Once we do arrive at our getaway destination we find that there is no place for us to stay since we failed to make reservations.   Our mission as your representative will be to Restore Colorado to the Colorado I grew up in and to the Colorado you came here to experience.

           There are many challenges.  We must return to the basics that made Colorado one the most desirable states to live in. We must “restore” our roads and infrastructure without raising taxes. We must maintain a climate that is supportive of businesses coming to Colorado that create jobs and opportunities.  We must expand our open spaces and restore quality management to our existing parks and recreational areas.

We must maintain the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights. Our state must work within a budget. We can’t raise taxes every time the state needs more money.

           By now you are wondering why we are a “we” and not a “me”.  You will find that WE are offering a ONE VOTE, GET TWO this election.  


            Based on the past events at our state capitol building there is no way in hell that, if elected, Richard is going down there without Jeanette.   No telling who might accuse this old fart of grabbing their butt or making a pass at them.  Jeanette will be there to make sure there are no false allegations and to bring a gentler and caring perspective to the legislative process.  

             Jeanette has the “heart” of the team.  She has spent over 35 years in nursing taking care of people.  She is compassionate and really cares about you. NO ONE cares like a nurse!

             Richard is the financial brains of the team.   He has spent over 30 years as an accountant.  He knows how to watch out for your wallet.   He has experience in Health Insurance and Retirement Planning along with budgeting. 

            Please be sure to check out “Reasons Not to Vote for Bowman.”   We hope it will bring a smile to your face.