• You don’t want to restore decent roads to Colorado and potholes are not a nuisance.
  • You don’t want to restore fast and painless travel to the mountains.
  • You ride light rail and you don’t drive on our roads.
  • You don’t get annoyed when you see an empty light rail train go by with no one on it and you are stuck in traffic.
  • You don’t want to restore fast and easy personal transportation
  • You don’t want to keep sales taxes at their current levels.
  • You don’t want to restore the system of a laissez- faire economy.
  •  You want to bribe Amazon into opening a second headquarters here and bring in another 50,000 people.
  • You disapprove of our small businesses flourishing.
  • You are not disappointed by the statistic that only 1 in 4 students graduate fully ready for college or working but 40% of general fund monies goes to K-12 education.
  • You  think one size fits all in education.
  • You think teachers are paid too much.
  • You don’t want to restore access to abundant open spaces.
  • You don’t want to restore healthy herds of elk and deer.
  • You think there are too many game wardens and wildlife managers.
  • You think there are too many state parks and wildlife areas.
  • You don’t want to restore public access to rivers and streams.
  • You think there are too many places to fish and hunt.
  • You don’t want to restore citizen’s right to defend their persons and possessions.
  • You  think bear spray and hiding is the most effective ways to stop an active shooter.
  • You are in favor of more gun control and think that California is a good example.
  • You are against training and arming school personnel to help keep your child safe at school (Hey! It works in Israel).
  • You don’t see there is a connection between mental illness and gun violence.
  • You don’t want to restore respect for our police.
  • You don’t want to restore a system of justice where “the punishment fits the crime” and think it is ok for mass murderers to enjoy a comfortable life at the taxpayer’s expense instead of being transported to the great beyond.
  • You approve of ignoring federal immigration laws that oppose sanctuary cities.
  • You feel you are safer in a designated sanctuary city.
  • You want to repeal or go around the “Tax Payer’s Bill of Rights.”
  • You think “progressive” tax rates are a good idea and you find yourself saying, “Everyone should pay their fair share.”
  • You want to take more of people’s earnings instead of making the state live within its means.  (We have to live within a budget so why should the State be exempt).
  • You don’t want to restore value to being a citizen of the United States and you want to put the interests of international trespassers ahead of the interests of your fellow citizens.
  • You want to deport young adults who live, breathe and think they are Americans but don’t have a piece of paper saying they are. (You can’t punish the children for the sins of their parents).
  • You don’t want to restore respect for others and you want to tell other people how to live their lives.
  • You don’t want to restore respect for God and Religion.
  • You don’t want to restore appreciation for the Boy Scouts of America. (I’ve been in and supporting Scouting for almost all my life).
  • You place east or left coast socialist values ahead of western rugged individualism.
  • You want to “Californicate” Colorado.
  • You want a professional politician to represent you.  I “ain’t” a damn lawyer. I’m an accountant who has spent the last 30 years working on health insurance, retirement plans and financial statements.
  • You want someone to say “I care about you” as opposed to someone who really has.  For over 35+ years, my wife Jeanette, has been a critical care nurse saving people’s lives and caring for their wellbeing. No one cares like a nurse.
  • You prefer representation by a single guy who hasn’t met the challenges of raising children.