Our Endorsements


Usually you will see a listing of endorsements…

for candidates for public office by other candidates. All that it really says is this politician is either a Republican or a Democrat.

There will also be endorsements from lobbying groups. The endorsements from lobbying groups may or may not actually reflect the positions of the politician. Believe it or not, this is more of game of betting on a horse to win. They’re thinking about after the election and not making any enemies, “I think Politician “W” is going to win, Politician “B” shares my views but I doubt “B” will win,
therefore I will endorse “W”, give him a few bucks and perhaps he will show favor to me in the future.

The following persons and organizations warrant our endorsement. These are people and organizations who embrace the American Ideals of Liberty, Self-Reliance and Community Service. 

Aurora City Council

Mayor Bob LeGareCouncil Member Francoise Bergan
Council Member Col. Dave GruberCouncil Member Johnny Watson
Council Member Bob Roth

Arapahoe County

County Commissioner Jeff Baker County Commissioner Nancy Sharpe
County Commissioner Kathleen Conti Sheriff Dave Walcher
Clerk and Recorder Matt Crane Treasurer Sue Sandstrom
Assessor Marc Scott District Attorney George Brauchler
Coroner Dr. Kelly Lear
US House of Representatives Congressman Mike Coffman
US Senate Senator Cory Gardner
US President President Donald Trump


Boy Scouts of America Channel 12 Public Television Dumb Friends League
Girl Scouts of America Hillsdale College Independence Institute
Liberty Institute Mountain States Legal Foundation Salvation Army
National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) Truth for Life Christian Ministries National Rifle Association
USA Shooting

Surprised there aren’t any Democrats listed here? Shouldn’t be. The only Democrats I ever voted for were Richard Lamm and Ben Nighthorse Campbell (who, like me, became a Republican).